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BarPrint is a simple barcode label printing application.

It uses its own database of stock items which can be created manually or populated from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) or TXT (text) file that has been exported from a spreadsheet or other accounting or inventory system.

The database contains information for each item.
The minimum requirement is a barcode number, but it can also include an alternative item code, the item description and pricing.
There are also eight fields that c an be used for any other information you would like, for example: manufacturer, supplier, supplier item code, use by date etc.

Labels can be printed on a dedicated barcode label printer, or on A4 sheets of labels in a standard laser or ink-jet printer.
You can choose to print to any printer that is installed on your Windows system.

BarPrint includes some standard label formats that you can choose from, but it also includes a label designer which allows you to design your own label of any size and include any information that is in the database on the label.

The label designer is very flexible but quite complex, so if you prefer, you can contact us at
Barcode Logic and we can help you with this or create the label format for you.


BarPrint Current Version: 1.0

BarPrint V1.0 Setup File