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The PickScanPro System has been designed to record the amount of produce picked by

  • date
  • block
  • variety
  • unit
  • picker.

PickScanPro speeds up and improves the accuracy of data collection and can produce reports showing how much was picked, from where, and what is owed to each picker.

The system uses a database containing lists of pickers, blocks, produce varieties and units.

Barcode labels for each picker can be printed from the system which will be applied by the picker to the boxes of produce they have picked, and as they are picked.

Optionally, pallet barcode labels may be printed for applying to pallets.

On delivery of the produce to the warehouse, using a portable data collection terminal (PDT or scanner), an operator will select the block the produce has come from, select the unit or pack type used, (optionally) scan the pallet it is to be loaded on to and scan each box as it is loaded onto the pallet.

Optionally, a quantity can be entered in case the quantity picked is recorded, and paid for by weight.
This process is repeated for all the boxes.

The data is then uploaded to the PC and stored in the database.

Reports may then be displayed or printed showing the total produce picked by date, block, variety, unit and picker.
If pallet functions are used, a record of boxes loaded on each pallet is also available.
Finally, the system can also be used to record poor quality packing using the ‘QA Check’ function. A reason can be selected to show why a particular box has been rejected. Qty on the RMStock Scanner.


PickScan PRO Current Version: 1.1

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