EDUScan is designed for people who manage assets within the NSW School System and want to keep the management process of those assets within Your school, without the same hassle year on year.

ARScan 2 for MYOB AccountRight

ARScan 2 for MYOB AccountRight

Seamless integration to MYOB AcccountRight. ARScan 2 allows you to Stocktake, Receive Goods, Transfer between Locations, Pick & Pack, Adjust Stock, Create Sales and Print Barcodes with ease.

RMStockII for AAAPOS RetailManager

RMStockII software

RMStockII is a stock management addon solution that works in conjunction with Australia’s number one selling retail point of sale (POS) solution: AAPOS RetailManager (formerley MYOB RetailManager).

StockLink – Generic Stocktaking System


StockLink is a stocktaking system which uses barcode scanning to increase the speed and accuracy of stock counting. The system has been designed to work with any POS, WMS, accounting or other stock database system.

JustScan II

JustScan II

MAKING COUNTING STOCK A BREEZE. JustScan II is a mobile system that increases the speed and accuracy of stock counting by scanning barcodes.



BarPrint is a simple barcode label printing application. It uses its own database of items which can be created manually or populated from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) or TXT (text) file

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