PickScan Pro

An Essential Tool for every Grower.

The PickScan Pro System records the amount of produce picked by date, block, variety, unit and picker. Cost effective and fast ROI. 

PickScan Pro is easy to use, multi-site, and extremely quick at scanning picked-produce. PickScan Pro has many automation options, is intuitive, and offers comprehensive yet simple reporting. Onsite setup, training and full support during the season are included.

PickScan Pro is fully Australian owned and is developed here with decades of local experience in mobile data capture systems. Constantly evolving to meet changing needs, PickScan Pro is updated to reflect government regulation and retail-outlet requirements.

Whats New

2022 Picking season seen the move from CE-Based Mobile Scanners to Android Mobile Scanners. With the introduction of the Android Scanners, the readibility, scanning speed and data transfer speed was increased exponentially.

PickScan Pro has an extensive range of built-in features. Four of our most requested and used features are:

01  Traceability & Stock Control
Full stock control and order system. Ability to trace all produce back to every registered plot as required by export protocols.
Full stock control system, pallets in and out of system. Ability to use hand scanner to create stock out or manually select from pallet list. Ability to track pallet weight for export container paper work.
02  Picker Information
Every picker has an individual barcode which enables data-capture for every box they pick.

This ensures accurate reporting for picker wage payments and simplified payroll. PickScan Pro can allocate scanned units to a pallet or create pallet-batches for pallet labels and stock control. PickScan Pro provides the grower with complete traceability, every box back to every picker to every patch and every pallet — all time-stamped at every step.

03  Reporting
Simplified reporting.
Individual contractor reports, yield report per patch, variety and packed line, transport load sheets and simplified transport paper work. Reports also cover all QA and industry requirements for example: Freshcare, GLOBALGAP and HARPS.
04 Spray Diary
PickScan Pro provides a spray diary, and customizable check sheet templates as well as the ability to create any check sheet question and multiple choice answer to enable quick and easy QA compliance.
ATGA pest monitor compliant pest monitoring is included to meet government export requirements.
PickScan Pro gives you the ability to print all your own labels, picker, box or pallet. All labels can be customized and printed in one simple system, saving you time and money.
PickScan Pro can use all printers compatible with Microsoft Windows, including thermal, ink, laser and speciality printers. PickScan Pro is your number one choice for your on-farm reporting and traceability. With integrated spray diary, pest monitor and quality assurance (QA) you can rest assured that all your information is available in one simple, quick and easy application.

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Buying Guide

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