AssetScan II

A mobile barcode solution for Asset Tracking.
Easily track valuable organizational and IT assets, including computers, furniture, medical equipment, tools, bunches of keys, and vehicles with Barcode Logic AssetScan II. By allowing you to locate any asset, AssetScan II eliminates wasted time spent looking for lost or missing assets and reduces the expense of replacing equipment.
With AssetScan II, managing your organization’s assets becomes simple and efficient. AssetScan II allows you to capture important information about each asset, including location, check-in and check-out status with due-dates, maintenance schedule, and full transactional history.
Important documents, receipts, user manuals, warranty and repair information, can be attached to the asset records for quick reference. Manage your assets anywhere by purchasing a AssetScan II Mobile Scanner.
AssetScan II has advanced asset management features in an easy to use interface. Included tools like the Import tool make it effortless to import asset data from external sources. AssetScan II’s included barcode labeling software allows you to design standard or customized asset labels quickly and conveniently including 1D and QRCodes.
Comprehensive reports detailing asset audits, audit history, check-in and check-out movement are instantly accessible. AssetScan II includes a full report builder, allowing you to customise reports to your preferences.

AssetScan II is the ideal asset-management and tracking solution for:


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Buying Guide

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