How to implement Barcodes into my business?

The main components involved with using barcodes in your business are barcoding hardware, barcoding software and barcode labels. A basic understanding of these components will assist you in making the right choices for your business.
With only some basic printing equipment and a readily available barcode scanner, businesses can use barcode technology to improve accuracy, speed and efficiency.

The things that you have to take into consideration when implementing barcodes are:

1. Does your current system have designated barcodes for your products?

If your system does have designated barcodes then these can be used for printing and applying to your products. If your system does not have designated barcodes then a suitable methodology of creating barcodes will have to be adopted to ensure continuity of creating barcodes long term. Either a sequential methodology such as starting at AAA0001 which allows for an infinite number of barcodes to be created, such as HGA0699 all the way up to ZZZ9999.

2. What barcode label type is required?

The barcode label type is determined by the product that the label is being applied to, the environment that the product will be stored in and if the label is needed to be permanent or removable.
See our Do I need Thermal or Direct Transfer Labels FAQ for information on different label types, or call our labelling experts for more information.

3. Do I need a barcode label printer?

The type of printer that is required for printing labels is dependent on the type of barcode label required and the product that the label will be applied to. Some businesses may be able to use their existing A4 label printer, other businesses may need a dedicated barcode printer. If a dedicated barcode printer is required then the barcode label printer is determined by the size and type of label that is required to be printed. It is also determined by the environment that the printer is located in and the quantity of labels that are required to be printed.
See our What Barcode Printer is best for my needs FAQ for information on different printers, or call our hardware experts for more information.

4. What software is required to print my barcodes?

Barcode Logic integrates barcode printing including standard barcode label size templates, with all our software solutions. Barcode Logic also has a stand-alone barcode printing solution: BarPrint which allows you to: either import your existing stock items, add new stock items or edit stock items and create new or edit existing barcode templates.

Call our software experts for more information on what software would best suit your requirements.

5. What barcode scanner do I need?

With a Barcode scanner hardware range including: simple corded barcode scanners, mobile barcode scanners, rugged industrial scanners, 1D and 2D scanners, Barcode Logic can provide the right barcode scanner for all your operational needs.
See our listing of barcode scanners on our Hardware page or call our hardware experts for more information.
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