What is Stocktaking?

What is stocktaking?

Stocktaking (or stock counting) is when you manually check and record all the inventory that your business currently has on hand. It’s a vital part of your inventory control but will also affect your ordering and sales. Much like any aspect of inventory, the process of stocktaking will vary hugely from company to company.

What is a mobile scanner/ Portable data collection scanner?

What Is A Mobile Scanner/Portable Data Collection Scanner (PDC)?

Portable data collection terminals have been designed to collect and transfer information electronically where previously it would have been done by hand, using paper and pen, or requiring the movement of the goods to the point where the information is required.

What barcode scanner do I need?

What barcode scanner do I need?

Barcode scanners have become easier to use than ever before. Simply plug the cable into the scanner and PC and you’re ready to start scanning.

How to implement Barcodes into my business?

Implementing barcodes into your business

The main components involved with using barcodes in your business are barcoding hardware, barcoding software and barcode labels. A basic understanding of these components will assist you in making the right choices for your business.

What barcode printer is best for my needs?

Implementing barcodes into your business

Most printers on the market today are capable of printing barcodes. Laser and inkjet printers can print readable barcodes, although Dot Matrix printers do not print at resolutions high enough to create barcodes that can be read by scanners.

What is barcode symbology’s?

What is Barcode Symbology

There are more than 100 different barcode symbology’s. No single barcode can do it all and no barcode has a universal business application.

What is a Barcode?

What is a Barcode?

Physically, barcodes are made up of a series of lines that vary in width and correspond to various numeric, alphanumeric, or multicode configurations.

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